3. Every member/society – petitioner has the right to be heard in person by thecompetent authority, in case of violation of their rights in the matter of services sought.

4. Every member of society has the right to knowledge about various services being provided by the Department.

Exercise of rights by members/cooperatives shall be within the provisions of Cooperative Societies Act & Rules and the Regulations of the Cooperative Department issued from time to time. The mutual trust between the service-seeker and the service-provider under this Charter shall lie in the service-provider, dispensing the service, according to the content and the service–seekers expectations being realistic and he/she fulfilling the obligations expected.


Registrar means Registrar of Cooperative Societies appointed under Section 3 (1) of APCS Act,1964 or under Section (4) of AP MACS Act,1995 and includes any other person on whom all of any of the powers of the Registrar under the relevant Act are conferred.

The persons who are conferred with all or a few of the powers of ther Registrar are:

1. Chief Auditor

2. Additional Registrars of Cooperatives working in the Dept.

3. District Collectors

4. Joint Registrars / Spl. Cadre Deputy Registrars incharge of the Districts (ie District Cooperative Officers)

5. Deputy Registrars, who are incharge of the Divisions (ie Divl. Coop. Officers)

6. Officers on Spl. Duty in DCCBs

7. Cooperative sub-registrars working in the Divisions

8. District cooperative Audit Officers

9. JRs/SCDRs/DRs working as Audit Officers in the Coop. Institutions under FR 127 terms

10. CSRs/Senior Inspectors working as Sale Officers under FR 127 terms

The sections under which the powers are conferred are detailed in respective Govt. Orders and are available in District Offices

This charter may not be treated as a legal document against the Cooperative Department and the Cooperative Societies, and its’ members.>